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The Northern New England Association of Personnel Services (NNEAPS) was originally founded in 1973. Since NNEAPS’ inception, it has been tied to the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), which promotes certification and continuing education among its members.

NNEAPS is a non-profit trade association consisting of Personnel Staffing Services Firms in Northern New England. Our membership is voluntary and includes over 50 firms and branches.

Who can be a Member of NNEAPS?

Any corporation, company, partnership, or individual engaged in negotiating placement where a fee is charged, is eligible for membership without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, veteran status or disability.

Why be a Member of NNEAPS?

  • Industry-related meetings and training seminars provided throughout the year.
  • Our Annual Conference features the industry’s top trainers and speakers.
  • Your company will receive extensive exposure to both candidates and clients through our Membership Directory and this website.
  • The affordable membership dues results in reduced rates at all functions.
  • Political “Lobbyist” to maintain a proactive posture in government affairs to protect our industry from harmful state and federal legislation.

Object and Purpose

  • To promote constructive publicity and to create a better understanding, acquaintance, co-ordination and co-operation among fee charging employment services; to increase the efficiency of the agency service by the promotion of effective methods for serving employers and job applicants, by the consideration of the relations between employers and candidates, [and by the investigation and study of industrial and economic conditions; to set and maintain the highest standards of practice; to amply protect its members against all acts, methods and practices not pursuant to the best interests of the service.
  • To promote high standards of ethical practice and encourage friendly relations among all private employment agencies in Northern New England.
  • To advance the private personnel services industry through education, assist in the development of accredited courses in human and industrial relations and those courses directly related to private personnel services advancement in colleges and universities.
  • To promote constructive publicity with industry, business and the general public regarding private personnel services.
  • To increase the efficiency of the private personnel services by promotion of effective methods for serving employers and employees, and by the investigation and study of industrial and economic conditions with a view of employment stabilization.
  • In general, to promote, extend and protect the interests of the private personnel services industry.

Membership Benefits

  • Legislation monitoring, reporting and representation.
  • Access to our lending library. The NNEAPS provides training materials through our lending library for Association members. The library consists of training books, audio tapes and videos. Materials available include the newest versions of educational programs and workshop materials on sales training, recruiting and business management. We have recently added materials from Larry Nobles, CPC; Robert Liken, CPC, CTS, Danny Cahill and Donna Tyson. Please contact Debbie Kennedy, CPC at Barclay Personnel Systems to discuss specific video and audio selections and procedures for joining the lending library.
  • Qualify for discounts on conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Access to resources for vendors specializing in: insurance and benefits programs, computer and software programs, and advertising and marketing ideas.
  • Receive InterViews, our quarterly newsletter, which brings you up-to-date: who’s making news and what’s making news. InterViews is packed with innovative ideas, success stories, association agendas and breaking news stories.
  • Become part of a network of personnel firms.
  • Have the opportunity to attend educational meetings that feature panels of human resource professionals and industry trainers.
  • List your company on the NNEAPS web site for national recognition. All members are able to hyperlink from the NNEAPS web site to their company site.


NNEAPS Membership Application



Letter from the Membership Chair

Thank you for your interest in joining NNEAPS. We are a professional organization of private firms engaged in recruitment and placement, retained search, and temporary services for all types of industries.

The purpose of our organization is to provide education and training seminars and workshops for our members, to promote the national program for certification of personnel consultants, to maintain a strict code of ethics which will ensure the finest possible service to the public, to work closely with any legislation and government affairs that affect our industry and to promote an atmosphere of cooperation and camaraderie among our members.

If you are ready to join, please fill out our membership application for 2014-2015  (please see application link above), enclose a check for your dues, and mail to the address indicated on the application.  Please note by signing the application, you indicate your willingness to abide by our Code of Ethics. You will immediately have the status of temporary membership.  The Board of Directors will then vote on your membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Upon approval you will be a full member entitled to all the benefits of membership. Your firm will be listed on the NNEAPS website.

If you have any questions, please call me at 603.303.6124.  We look forward to your active participation in NNEAPS activities.


Dave Ciullo

Membership Chairman