What it means?

Since NNEAPS creation, we have partnered with the National Association of Personnel Services who has been certifying recruiting and staffing professionals nationally. Nationally today, there are more than 10,000 professionals designated as Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC) or Certified Temporary-Staffing Specialists (CTS).
Why certify?

Certification is viewed by the business community and the industry as a seal of excellence. Fortune Magazine reported in its July 20, 1998 issue that one way to choose a recruiter is to ask if they’ve been certified. Certified Personnel Consultants (CPC) and Certified Temporary-Staffing Specialists (CTS) know the value of credentials. You know this, too, for all the candidates you screen. Why is a CPA more valuable? Because knowledge and education are king!
Why continuing education?

It’s very important that certified staffing professional stay current with legal, business and related practices. Through training programs, GEI sessions and conference, CEU credits can be earned. In 1995, NAPS initiated mandatory continuing education for CPCs and CTSs. You must take part in 50 contact hours of professional development or training experiences in each three (3) year period after certification.
Certification Eligibility

It is the intent of the NNEAPS to first educate individuals in this profession so that they may best serve their customers, whether that customer is the client company hiring official, candidate, or even fellow recruiters. The CPC and the CTS examinations are available at any time. To learn more about the exam, requirements, cost, and study materials, go to the NAPS website: http://www.recruitinglife.com/EduCert/index.cfm